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Small Business Marketing Minute

Learn how to use the Duct Tape Marketing System created by John Jantsch, widely regarded as the world's most successful small business marketing system.

Our practical how-to tips, advice, and real-life examples will teach you what you need to know to implement this system in your business. Take the mystery out of your marketing and get inspired to grow your business!

Marketing topics covered on the podcast by Kevin Jordan from Redpoint Marketing Consultants will include marketing strategy, inbound marketing tactics, online marketing, lead generation, sales, referral generation, and much more.

Most episodes will last just a few minutes so that you can fit them into your busy schedule, but occasionally episodes featuring special guests will run a bit longer.

Feb 18, 2017

Today's podcast guest and I both use a very valuable tactic to help our clients improve their marketing message.  That tactic is interviewing our client's customers to see what they have to say about the business, instead of simply asking our clients what they think their customers would say about their business.

Liston Witherill is the CEO of Good Funnel, a digital marketing agency based in Portland, Oregon.  It focuses on data-driven and performance marketing to help clients increase conversions and hone brand messages.  Liston shares the philosophy used by myself and many other of the consultants in the Duct Tape Marketing Consultant Network, which is that before you jump into marketing tactics for a client you must first understand why their customers buy from them.

That's where interviewing our clients' customers helps.  In my interview with Liston, we compare notes on how we go about the process of doing the interviews, what questions we ask in the interviews, and what kind of insight into our client's businesses we get from doing it.  Liston also discusses how he uses those insights to increase conversions for his clients.  If you take the time to listen to the interview, I think you'll walk away with some great ideas about how you can use feedback from your customers to make adjustments to your own marketing strategy that could significantly improve your results.