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Small Business Marketing Minute

Learn how to use the Duct Tape Marketing System created by John Jantsch, widely regarded as the world's most successful small business marketing system.

Our practical how-to tips, advice, and real-life examples will teach you what you need to know to implement this system in your business. Take the mystery out of your marketing and get inspired to grow your business!

Marketing topics covered on the podcast by Kevin Jordan from Redpoint Marketing Consultants will include marketing strategy, inbound marketing tactics, online marketing, lead generation, sales, referral generation, and much more.

Most episodes will last just a few minutes so that you can fit them into your busy schedule, but occasionally episodes featuring special guests will run a bit longer.

Aug 25, 2016

One of the most under-utilized social media platforms for local business owners is LinkedIn.  Many of them don't even have a LinkedIn profile, and those that do often are not doing much with it.  However, when used correctly it can be a very effective marketing tool, especially for B2B marketing or for finding strategic...

Aug 17, 2016

One of the most effective and affordable marketing strategies around is also one of the least sexy and most underutilized.  That's the message shared by Shaun Buck, the CEO of The Newsletter Pro, in my interview with him for this episode. 

The strategy Shaun is speaking about is customer retention--i.e., increasing the...

Aug 11, 2016

I have an opening in my schedule for a new client, and since I don't like waiting around hoping a new client will turn up, I'm making an very special offer to the next small business owner who becomes my client.  Listen to today's episode to find out what the offer is and how you can take advantage of it.

Aug 3, 2016

What does an award-winning craft beer have to do with small business marketing?  Well, if that beer is Pliney the Elder (produced by the Russian River Breweing Company), then it is the perfect case study in scarcity marketing--that is, the strategy of limiting the supply of a product or service in order to drive up the...